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Why Velvet Is the Perfect Fabric for Your Winter Home

Posted on December 05 2017

I've loved velvet in my interiors for years. I have not one but two velvet sofas (one large, one small), velvet curtains, a velvet headboard and a myriad of velvet cushions. There's something about the fabric that is so luxurious and so tactile that surrounding myself with it just feels right. Thankfully, it's also a big trend for Autumn/Winter 2017 and it works so beautifully in the winter months for getting the cozy factor just right.

The Luxury Look

Green velvet sofa with black feature wall

Image source: Swoon Worthy 

If you'd like to create a luxury look in your home, there are few fabrics that work quite as well as velvet. It ages beautifully, the neat, short pile slowly compressing over the years to leave behind a soft sheen and this, I believe, just adds to its appeal. It harkens back to a more glamorous age, sitting beautifully amongst more traditional details but works equally well in a more contemporary setting as well.

Light It Up

Velvet headboard and cushions bedroom Swoon Worthy

Image source: Swoon Worthy

Velvet also captures light - short in supply over the winter months - so beautifully. That soft sheen reflects subtley and while it won't bounce the light around the room, it does provide a bit of dimension for your space. Choosing fabrics like velvet creates warmth and character, perfect for the winter months and begs to be touched.

Create Contrasts

Grey velvet sofa with brass tables

Image source: Greenery NYC via Domino Magazine

When considering what other materials work with velvet, consider those that create a strong contrast. Harder and smoother materials such as marble, brass and glass create a wonderful tension in a room with velvet and those materials are instantly softened. So if you have a velvet sofa, consider, perhaps, a marble coffee table or if you have velvet curtains in a bedroom, choose sleek lacquer bedside tables for the perfect balance.

Volume of Choice

Pale pink velvet sofa living room

Source: Adore Magazine / Photography Tarina Lyell  /  Interior Jenni Farr

One of the most appealing elements about velvet is that it comes in nearly every color under the sun. Consider a deep indigo accent? Choose rich blue velvet cushions for your sofa. Want some softness in your bedroom? Pale blush pink velvet will add a relaxing vibe. The colors are nearly limitless and it's easy to make a bold statement or keep things soft and subtle.

Get the Look

I've chosen some of my favourite velvet pieces from My Two Designers below. Why not add a little velvet to your home this season?

 Trend Watch AW17 Velvet




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