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Trend Watch: Pink Interiors

Posted on May 28 2018

If you hadn't noticed, pink is big news in interiors these days. More and more of us are choosing a touch of pink for our interior design to create a soft backdrop, a pop of warmth or to make a bold statement in our homes. No longer the mainstay of children's rooms, pink has become a trend in its own right, gracing everything from living rooms to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms as well as accessories and soft furnishings.

It could be partly because we've moved away from bright sugary pinks to more elegant versions of this color. Pinks with a subtle hint of gray, often called "blush pink" has become a favorite, gracing Scandinavian and more contemporary designs everywhere. 

But how do you use pink to its best advantage in a room? Today's post will provide you with some tips and inspiration for using pink in your home decorating.


Pink Florals

Pottery Barn and Ellie Cashman Wallpaper Bedroom

Ellie Cashman wallpaper via Pottery Barn / Design by William and Susan Brinson

When we think of pink in florals, it's easy to immediately think of the kind of wallpaper that might have been in our grandmother's home. But florals have evolved and when set against a dark background, become bold and mysterious, luxe and sexy. 

This Ellie Cashman wallpaper is a stunning example of how to use pink florals in your decor - choose oversized blooms that are inspired by oil paintings of the masters for grown-up glam. Our Cashman Settee is the perfect way to incorporate this trend, giving any room some wow-factor. 


Pink Furniture

Pale pink sofa living room

Photography Tarina Lyell  /  Interior Jenni Farr via Adore Magazine

Of course, you don't need to go dark and moody to use pink in your home. Above, we see a light and airy living room where a pale blush pink sofa compliments neutral hues. Combined with soft taupes and grays, pink becomes restful, the perfect color to unwind and relax. Our Olivena Settee has a similar look and is sure to become your favorite spot in the room.


Pink Paint Colors

Farrow & Ball Calamine Blush Pink Bedroom with gold and berry accents

Kimberly Duran via Swoon Worthy

In my own bedroom as seen above, Farrow & Ball's Calamine provides the perfect blush pink backdrop to a mustard yellow headboard and berry accents. When using pink on walls, consider balancing out the softness of pink with darker colours. Black gives pink an edginess, grounding the feminine associations of the color. 


Pink in the Bathroom

Pink sink in contemporary bathroom design

Photography Mindi Cooke  /  Styling Kylie Jackes / Via Adore Magazine


We may be more inclined to use neutral tones in our bathroom rather than trending colors but a touch of pink can be a great way to add softness to a space with a lot of cold, hard surfaces. Above, concrete has been given an update in a pale pink that combines beautifully with gray marble and natural wood tones. The black wall-mounted faucets provide further contrast for this beautiful bathroom design.


Get the Look

We've chosen some of our favorite pink furnishings and accessories for your home from our huge selection. How will you be adding pink to your decor this year?

 Pink Furniture and Accessories from My Two Designers

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