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The 6 Accessories You Need to Finish Decorating Your Room

Posted on July 27 2018

The flooring has been newly laid, the walls have been painted and you've finally given a wave goodbye to the plumber, electrician or builder you've practically been living with for the past weeks or months. You may have even upgraded your furniture and moved it into the space. While it may feel great to have a finished room, is it really done yet?

So many people make the mistake of stopping there when it comes to decorating their homes but if your room feels like it's still lacking soul or the personality that makes it your own, you'll enjoy my post today. If you want a space that looks polished and complete, here are the 6 important finishing touches you'll want to consider before calling it "done".


Art on the Walls

Image: Emily Henderson / Photography: Tessa Neustadt


While there's nothing wrong with a blank wall or two, too much empty space can go from 'minimal chic' to 'empty and unloved'. You can choose to fill an empty wall with a gallery of prints or simply have one or two larger statement pieces. Whatever you do, however, don't neglect the personality that well-chosen art can bring to a space.

Choosing art is a personal endeavour so find something that speaks to your heart first and your head second. While it's important to choose something that works well with your style or color theme, it's even more important to invest in pieces that you truly love.


Window Dressings

Image: SF Girl by Bay / Photography: Lily Glass


While you certainly don't have to spend a small fortune on elaborate window dressings for your room, you will want to add the softness and texture of curtains or shades for your space.

Even the simplest of cotton curtains hanging from your window will give the room some polish. In summer, light-weight or sheer curtains will allow for some privacy whilst filtering sunlight beautifully. In winter, consider something with a heavier weight to add a cosy feeling of warmth.


Area Rugs

Image: Adore Magazine / Design Thomboy Properties / Photography: Mark Zeidler


You may think that an area rug serves only the purpose of protecting floors in high traffic areas but a great rug can do so much more than that. Large area rugs can delineate zones in an open plan space, pulling together what may appear to be just a random assortment of furniture.

It can also add texture and color while pulling your color palette together and anchoring your furniture.


Decorative Objects

Image: Kimberly Duran / Swoon Worthy


Take a look at the surfaces in your room - from shelving and sideboards to accent tables and fireplace mantles. Are they bare? If so, your room runs the risk of looking unfinished. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend filling every available space with things just for the sake of it, a few small collections of decorative items on display are a wonderful way of getting a more complete look.

Consider adding a stack of books, a small tray with a collection of objects, table lamps, candles and the like to bring style to your space.


Personal Objects

Image: Adore Magazine / Photography Anna Argiropoulos / Interior design and Styling Jacquelyn Clark


Of course, all these things will give your room a sense of completion but you'll also want to add a bit of personality to your space. Otherwise, you run the risk of it looking like a hotel room - lacking any real soul.

Your home should always tell the story of you (and those you live with!) and this can be achieved by displaying objects that reflect your tastes, hobbies and interests. Choose a few items to display such as personal photographs, items picked up on your travels, precious memories passed down from family or books that reflect your most passionate hobbies.


House Plants

Image: Sainsbury's Home


And finally, with everything else considered, there are few rooms that can't benefit from a few well-chosen houseplants. Bringing an organic element to your room and the outside in, they'll give your room life. 

Consider hanging plants from the ceiling or walls, dotting a few on shelving or curating a small urban jungle in a sunny corner of the room.


Get the Look

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