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Posted on March 01 2017

After what may have seemed a very long winter, spring is finally making its appearance. The days are getting longer, the sun is higher in the sky and you can finally feel the warmth on a particularly sunny day. While we may only just be at the very start of March, there's a certainty that Spring is nearly here and what better way to welcome it then bringing a little of that sunshine into our homes.

Thankfully, a refresh for Spring doesn't have to cost a lot of money. A bit of a clean here and there, swapping out winter fabrics for lighter ones and adding a few new accessories is really all you need to give your home a reboot this season.

Spring Clean

Start with a good clean. I know it's not the most exciting thing in the world but after a long cozy winter with windows closed, your home will likely require a good dusting and scrubbing. Clean the windows inside and out to allow as much natural light as possible to come in, vacuum under beds and sofas, dust glassware and art and clean any open shelving you may have (especially in the kitchen). Tidy away the kid's toys, the remote controls and clear anything extraneous from your rooms.

Change Your Curtains

While you may have had heavier curtains at the window to conserve heat through the winter, they block light and can make a room feel slightly stifled. With warmer temperatures coming, consider taking them down, getting them cleaned and then storing them away until Autumn. Swap these for lighter fresher sheer voiles or unlined cotton or linen which allow any sunlight to come through.

Swap Out Cushions, Rugs and Throws

In winter, we love to surround ourselves with thick chunky fabrics like velvet, faux fur, wool and soft knits. In the spring, it's time to clean them and store them away. Swap out your heavier cushions, throws or deep piled rugs for lighter fabrics that breathe. Consider airy cottons and linens and low-piled rugs to give your home a lighter fresher look.

Time for an Edit

It may be natural to 'nest' during the colder months, allowing for clutter to form in our home. In the warmer months, extraneous clutter can feel claustrophobic so while I'm not necessarily advocating becoming a minimalist, you may want to consider a bit of an edit. Go through your things and decide if they still speak to your style or if they'd be better placed with someone else who will appreciate them more. Sell anything higher value online on auction sites or Craigslist to give yourself the extra funds to spend on a few new items you'll love or consider donating items to your local charity.

Change Up Your Accessories

One of the simplest and cost-effective things you can do is change up your accessories from room to room. Can the lamp in your bedroom work in your living room? Would the rug in the dining room look better in the bedroom? Can you swap around some of the accessories on your mantle or coffee table to breathe new life into it? Will the art in the hallway bring some color to your kitchen? When we see the same displays and objects over and over again in the same context, we stop 'seeing' them. Give them a new lease of life by changing their location and start to love them all over again.

Add Some Plants & Flowers

And finally, our plants may have had a battering over the low-level light of winter but now's the time for them to start to grow again. Dot some plants along windowsills or hang them from the ceiling in a sunny spot. Add some fresh flowers to your coffee table or nightstands and bring in some life.

Get The Look

If you are looking to refresh your home for Spring, why not pick up some new accessories for your home? Here are our favorites for the season in fresh colors and finishes.


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