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Posted on November 28 2016

With the holiday season upon us, we may find ourselves welcoming more overnight guests into our homes. Whether it's friends traveling in from another state, extended family from overseas or a friend who's had one too many at our festive cocktail party, ensuring your guest bedroom is a welcoming space is more important than ever at this time of year.

How do you make sure you're prepared and guests leave feeling like VIPs in your home? It actually comes down to some of the finer details of our space. Creating a cozy and private room for guests to relax doesn't have to cost the earth but it can be important to pay attention to a few things that are easy to prepare ahead of time.

First up is possibly the most obvious. You should always have a set of crisp, clean, good-quality sheets at the ready for last minute guests. We all know that great bedding can lead to a great night’s sleep so give your guests the 5-star treatment with a high-quality thread count. As with all bedding, buy the best that you can afford.

You'll want to include an additional blanket folded at the end of the bed in case they get a bit chilly in the night too. There's little denying that a great looking throw gives any bed a luxurious finish.

A set of clean towels (preferably a matching set!) is also a given. You'll want to include at least one bath sheet, a hand towel and a face towel for each guest.

Have a fresh pitcher or carafe of water at the bedside table to quench your guest’s thirst and remember to refill it with fresh water for every night they stay. Want to create an ever more exclusive feel in your home? A small tea or coffee station in the room will allow guests to help themselves in the morning.

via Lonny / Photographed by Toto Labrador
via Lonny / Photographed by Toto Labrador

It’s always helpful to have a free electrical outlet somewhere (preferably near the bed) to allow your guests to plug in and recharge their phone or devices overnight. And don’t forget to share your wi-fi password too!

Leave some space on a hanging rail or in a wardrobe to allow guests to hang up their clothing. You can also clear out a drawer in a dresser and be sure to let your guests know it’s there waiting for their personal items.

Fresh flowers polish off any room so a small vase of blooms on a nightstand creates a lively welcoming atmosphere. Be sure to change them out if they start to droop during a longer stay.

A small empty bowl can be placed on the bedside table to corral any jewellery or watches that guests may remove so they won't lose track of it during their stay.

A small box of travel toiletries is also a nice touch just in case your guests have forgotten something – shampoos, conditioners, body wash and moisturiser could come in handy. A new toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste and a fresh disposable razor are always helpful too. Want to go the extra mile? Include some luxury bath products to up the 5 Star factor!

Why not leave a selection of books and magazines you think your guests might enjoy in the room as well? If they are staying for a longer time period, you might wish to include a map of the area, highlighting any great sightseeing spots they might want to take in during their visit or restaurants you would recommend.

For a real taste of luxury, consider leaving a fresh bathrobe and new slippers for each guest - always in crisp, clean white!

And for a final flourish, a small bowl of chocolates or candy will create a luxury hotel feel without a lot of effort.

It’s the little things that clearly add up to a great stay in your home so make sure your guests feel welcome at all times with these little tips!

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