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Posted on June 25 2016

With retro all the rage for the last few years and a love of 60's and 70's design infiltrating both fashion and home, having a stylish bar cart has not just become a sign of any self-respecting socialite, it's practically de rigueur for anyone wishing to have a trendy home. While there are lots of options available here on My Two Designers (check out our favorites at the bottom of the post!), what you put on your bar cart is almost as important as which particular style of cart you choose.

So how do you create a perfectly styled bar cart that looks just as good in use as it does in between those cocktail and dinner parties you'll inevitably want to throw once you have it in place? We've got you covered. Here are the only things you really need to create a gorgeous "Pinterest-worthy" display:


glassware on bar cart

While a good selection of various glassware will be an essential, you certainly don’t have to stock every type of glass to create a well-styled area. If your go-to drink is a dry martini then you'll of course want to make sure you have a few martini glasses but take cues from your favorites and then add two to three other varieties as well. Consider red and white wine glasses, champagne flutes, high-ball glasses and tumblers. Vintage glassware can be found in thrift shops and yard sales - mixing and matching with those from big box stores will often make for a unique and collected look.

Interesting Bottles

bar cart in blue room

You'll want to stock your favorites so why not choose those varieties of alcohol that not only taste great but look good too? From the bold turquoise glint of Bombay Sapphire Gin to the allure of gold embellishment on the Chambord bottle, the morose glam of Crystal Head Vodka and the stately simplicity of Hendricks Gin, there are plenty of beautifully designed bottles which will make your bar area shine.

Cocktail Shaker

new darlings on domino

How else will you create your legendary signature cocktail without a cocktail shaker? There are so many on the market now that will make any home bar look professional and they come in at every different price point so there’s really no excuse not to have one handy to get the party started. For bonus points, consider adding a matching selection of other bar ware tools like a jigger, tongs and a bottle opener.

Something Living

waiting on martha bar cart

Adding some freshness and height to your bar cart using flowers or plants is always the perfect finishing touch. No need to go with an expensive bouquet here – a few simple subtle blooms in a tall vase or a small leafy plant can be just enough to add that organic touch to your display and goes a long way to creating an inviting look.

Art or Books

bar cart with art and books

While these may not be the first things we consider for our bar cart, a small piece of art or a few stacks of books creates added interest for a look you simply can't ignore. Stack books and magazines and pop a small bowl filled with lemons or limes on top and lean artwork against the wall to add visual height and color. Try to incorporate either one or both for a great looking display.

Champagne or Ice Bucket

ice bucket on bar cart

A great looking champagne or ice bucket deserves to be seen so why not include this on your bar cart too? Perfect for allowing guests to mix their own drinks and not have to raid your freezer for additional ice, keep it well stocked to ensure every drink is cold and refreshing.

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