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How to Bring the Outdoors In this Spring

Posted on April 25 2018

We're finally saying goodbye to the coldest months of the year and temperatures are finally rising. One of the most enjoyable things we can do to our homes at this time of year is to let the outdoors influence how we decorate indoors.

With the trend for adopting more organic materials rising in popularity, there's little wonder why most of us enjoy being inspired by The Great Outdoors. The connection to nature is a primal one - we feel good when we breathe in fresh air, take in a stunning view or walk along a nature trail. Natural touches ground a design indoors too. It breathes life, making it appear less cold or fussy. Items either directly from or inspired by the natural world make a home more inviting, bring in texture or color and create a warm inviting space that we feel we can breathe easier in.

What are some ways to bring the outdoors in this year? Here are a few ideas for creating a welcoming environment this Spring.

House Plants

Image: Swoon Worthy


Whether you choose on large tree as a statement piece, hang a planter from the ceiling or nestle some leafy specimens along a windowsill, creating a small urban jungle is a great way to bring the outdoors in. Cleaning and purifying the air we breathe as well as giving your room color and life, plants always connect us to the outdoors.


Fresh Blooms


If you fear you have a black thumb, start by simply purchasing a few bunches of flowers instead. While they don't last nearly as long as plants will, they will instantly provide color and fragrance to a room. In fact, research has shown that flowers actually increase happiness so perhaps it's worth an extra few bucks in our weekly shop or a call into our favorite local florist! Consider bunching similar varieties together or go wild with a loose assortment.


Pale and Natural Wood Finishes


Unfussy pale finishes, as well as rustic and salvaged wood, have only increased in popularity due to influences in both Farmhouse as well as Scandinavian design. Consider bringing in some of these finishes by way of furniture or accessories. Wood will always warm up a space - the natural grain adding movement and texture.


Marble and Stone

Image: Swoon Worthy


One of the most popular trends of the last couple of years has been marble. While it's perfect for rolling pastry, you certainly don't have to cover your kitchen worktops in this material to enjoy the look. Consider bringing marble or natural stone into your home in small ways with accessories or furnishings. The natural texture and grain in these materials create a beautiful backdrop to other colors and its smooth cool finish creates contrast with other natural materials in the home. 


Feathers, Shells and Branches 

Image: Carole Poirot

There's something wonderfully tactile and reassuring about going on a little nature hunt - that sense of nostalgia in finding pretty things to take home. There's no reason not to display these found treasures. Group items on a shelf, under a glass cloche or box frame or hang them on your walls. 

Get the Look

Of course, choosing decor and furnishings that echo and inspire those items we find outdoors is another great way to bring nature home. Here are our picks of nature-inspired products that we love. 

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