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7 Fall Colors You'll Want to Embrace This Season

Posted on August 23 2018

There's little wonder that in a world where technology reigns supreme, we look to nature to inspire the spaces we live. Letting the outdoors in grounds us and gives us an organic connection to our ancestral beginnings.

Everything outside is coming indoors - from houseplants being the hottest home accessory to materials like stone and marble taking center stage. Wood is left in its natural state, unstained so the grains come through, providing texture and interest to our furniture.

Once again, we're looking to nature to inspire us and provide the cues for what colors we choose for our homes this Fall and we're seeing a return to the warmer side of the spectrum as the leaves begin to turn. Here are just a few ways to embrace them for the coming season.


Burgundy and Berry

Image source: Kimberly Duran / Swoon Worthy


The richness of berry shades pairs beautifully with blush pink which has possibly been one of the biggest trends of the past year. Paint your walls in this shade for a regal look and combine it with another trend - gold and brass - along with textural accents which pop against this deep shade.


Rust and Orange

Image Source: Steffy’s Pros and Cons


The Boho 70's look is a popular one and so it was only a matter of time when the rich orange and rust shades of the changing leaves would come through into our home decor. The look gets an update in soft tactile materials like velvet - perfect for cuddling up in front of a roaring fire.


Emerald Green


 Image Source: deVOL Kitchens


The greenery around us takes on a darker hue as the summer comes to an end and creates an especially rich shade with which to use in our homes. This color looks especially effective in large areas mixed with natural wood and brass as exemplified in the beautiful kitchen above.


Gold & Brass

Image: Kimberly Duran / Swoon Worthy 


Consider it a reflection of the setting sun this season but gold and brass continue to be another trend that will carry us into the coldest months of the year. Metallics in these shades add warmth to a space and act as a neutral against any other shade you decide to pair it with.



Image source: The Future Kept


Along with all things 70s, ochre has made a comeback, replacing it's sunny yellow counterpart with something just a bit more grown up in style. Consider adding this as an accent - a wool throw, a knitted cushion - to bring warmth to your home this Fall.


Olive Green

Image Source: Soho Home


And finally, one of my favorite shades this season is olive. This warm shade combines beautifully with neutrals and in luxurious fabrics adds richness and tradition to your color palette. Consider painting a single wall in this shade to create a feature or for those less ambitious, throws and cushions work equally as well.


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